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Chisago Lakes Area Information



Chisago Lakes Area
Welcome to the Chisago Lakes area, five historical communities united by a strong school district with a tradition of excellence.  Each community offers both a unique history and a contemporary charm all its own.

Early Swedish immigrants were drawn to this area by the beautiful St. Croix River, rolling hills, many lakes, wooded areas and pastoral fields.

Today, the Chisago Lakes area is a vibrant corridor to year-round recreation with a charming family atmosphere.  Just 35 miles from the bustling cities of Minneapolis & St. Paul, the Chisago Lakes area is the growing home to the new immigrants seeking a great place to live, work, play and get involved in the community and schools.

Chisago County is growing, from a population of 30,500 in 1990 to more than 41,000 today.  And, like the county, the Chisago Lakes School District is growing as well.

The 165 square-mile district is home to nearly 3,600 Pre-K through 12 students and their families.  There are three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. The district is proud of its tradition of excellence in academics, fine arts, community education and extracurricular activities.

Chisago City
Chisago City, known as the sister city to Algutsboda, Sweden.  Chisago City was home to Swedish author, Vilhelm Moberg.  During the summer of 1948 he explored and researched the Lakes Area by bicycle. That exploration and research shaped his most famous novels portraying the migration of Swedish peasants to the area in the late 1800s. The City has dedicated a park and statue in his honor. 

Lindstrom, the largest city in the Chisago Lakes area, known as the sister city to Tingsryd, Sweden.  The fictitious characters from Vilhelm Mobergs novels, Karl Oskar and his wife, Kristina are central to the city’s celebrations.  A statue of them stands in Lindstrom to symbolize the Swedish peasants who settled here. 

Center City
Center City, known as the sister city to Hassela, Sweden.  This city is the oldest continuously settled Swedish community in Minnesota.  Located here is the Chisago Lakes Lutheran Church.  Chisago Lakes Lutheran is the first Swedish settled church in the area, portions of the movie “Grumpy Old Men” was filmed here.  The church as well as 18 homes along Summit Avenue are listed as a National Historic District.

Shafer, known as the sister city to Nobbele, Sweden.  Shafer is a farming community and was once a potato hub. Shafer is a city in transition from rural to urban, and was noted as Minnesota’s fifth fastest growing city in 1990.  Throughout the year, events are held in a “town square” kind of atmosphere.

Taylors Falls
Taylors Falls, home to the third elementary in the district. Taylor Falls, has no sister city in Sweden, but has so much more. The beautiful St. Croix, nationally designated as a wild and scenic river, has drawn visitors to Taylors Falls for over 150 years.  The Angel Hill District, features the Folsom house, built in 1855.  The United Methodist Church built in 1861, and the Oldest Schoolhouse in the state built in 1852.

Taylors falls has two interstate parks, Minnesota and Wisconsin as well as the Wild River state park.  Although “downtown” Taylors Falls is barely two blocks long, it offers coffee shops, antique shops, variety shops and places to eat, including a ’50 era drive-in, complete with carhops in poodle skirts.